They’ll own ya, they already do. You own a home? A bank account, have an affliction? They wanna take advantage. Maybe you can be of service to em’. Help em’, eh? If you don’t they’ll detain you. Insurance, medications, whatever you need most, they’ll pick on that, create danger for you. America, the land of control. If you don’t do what we want, we’ll fuck you up.


The land of the free? My ass.

When There’s Nothing Left To Lose

The truth comes out. Six long years in Burbank, California. Not a day goes by without trucks making too much noise, not a day goes by o life worth living.without being awoken against my will, not a day goes by without mother telling me it wil go away if I just believe in God. She is wrong, they are wrong, you are wrong for putting me through lies and deception, too much noise that my body cannot take. I go for a bike ride and there’s knowcking and people yelling for no reason other thatn to harrass me. I am being harrassed in Burbank, Calfornia, unrelentingly and it wil destroy me as
I know it and my family friends, and comunity all play a part. They win. I cannot go to temple to mefditate without people scratching the seats, I cannoy go to the pharmacy, shopping, to eat, nor anywhere else without being disturbed. My own place of abode is never quiet. For six years it has been this way, and they win. I have written letters and sought advice from friends, family. “Do what you want.” “Ignore it.”


ThAT’S WHAT i’M TOLD, AND THE NOISE AND FRUSTRATION CONTINUE. I give up. You win and keep winning. You can kill me for all I care. This is no life worth living.